Survival Courses

Explore vital life-saving skills through SurvivalGr’s extensive survival courses, encompassing wilderness and urban preparedness. Empower yourself for any scenario with the best courses we’ve uncovered for you. Join us as we curate and share the most intriguing survival knowledge.

Youtube survival Courses :

1- Survival Mode Why and How :

2- Emergency Preparedness Basics

In recent times, there has been a rise in climate-related emergencies and other natural disasters. Are you prepared for an emergency? Join North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM) for a presentation that assesses potential hazards for North Shore residents and offers strategies for resilience.

3- Survival Training The Pathfinder Scout Course 

The Scout/Intermediate Course at The Pathfinder School is a serious endeavor! Success requires thorough physical and mental preparation, along with essential prerequisite skills.

4- Survival Training : Knife self defense

One of the most effective knife-fighting tactics, especially against long weapons, is the Meet Defense.

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